Would you like to have more?

More time?

More money?

More freedom?

To do more of what really matters?

Hi, my name is Karolyn 👋

I help people to create more time or money freedom, so they can do more of what really matters to them.

If that’s something you’re looking for, please keep reading…..

Wish you could stop doing;

  • What’s expected of you?
  • What you feel you ‘should’ do?
  • Things you simply don’t want to do?

Feel stuck or trapped by;

  • Your job
  • Your business
  • Money worries
  • A life situation
  • Debt

Perhaps you are;

  • Sick of working just to pay bills
  • Worried about rising costs
  • Worried that you don’t have a Plan B

Or maybe you are;

  • Feeling lost and not sure how to move forward
  • Feeling stuck but unsure how to make a change

Create Choices

Having more choice and more flexibility is the key to having the freedom you want

I help people to create a meaningful second income so they have the extra time money and freedom to do the things that matter to them the most.

“With more income, comes more choices”

Whether you’re

  • employed,
  • self-employed,
  • unemployed
  • a full-time parent or carer,
  • retired,
  • or just starting out….

Here’s just a few reasons why more and more people are choosing to create extra income streams;


not having all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your income


you and your family against changes that impact your job or business


you have multiple streams of outgoings, why not have multiple streams of income

Plan B

to create a fall-back plan, or rainy day fund….just in case


to beat the cost of living squeeze


to be your own boss and choose your own hours


1 in 3 adults in the UK is now earning a second income


there is no longer such a thing as job or business security

Saying ‘Yes’

to those holidays and little extras that you want to treat yourselves with


to plug the gap in falling (and inadequate) pension provision


for those that matter most, when it matters


as life moves on, so do our priorities

So, let me tell you what I – and many others – do to earn extra income……

……and, mostly importantly, why I choose to do that!

I’m a mum!

Being a mum is the most important job in the world to me and it’s important that I am able to work flexibly around that.

In 2018, I discovered a company that I’d never heard of before.

This company helped us to save money on our household bills – basically, to PAY LESS for essential things that we needed and used daily.

This company also offered the opportunity to become a Business Partner with them.

And this was where things got really exciting

Being a Business Partner meant that I could get paid for helping other people to save money on their bills, just like I had done!

And, even better, I could choose my own hours, working when and where I want – basically EARNING MORE just for helping people PAY LESS!

I figured I’d got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So, I got started, adding this business into the nooks and crannies of my day, working it around my job and being a mum!

Fast forward a few years and it’s amazing what this business has enabled me to;

Earn extra money, flexibly, on my own terms

Helped me build my belief in me

Shown me a way to protect my family, financially

Introduced me to new friends

Filled me with a positivity for life (and allowed me to drown out the negativity)

Invest in me and my personal growth

Improved my confidence

Given me incredible new experiences

Encouraged me to set a positive example to my daughter

Given me permission to dream again

Allowed me to leave my job

And set up my own business

Help other people to save money

Help other people to create a second payday each month

Offer people a way to ease their money worries

The list is endless……

I am proud to be partnered with this incredible company that has done so much for me and my family, by allowing me to help other families!

A company who invests in its network of Business Partners (people like me) helping them to earn money, in their spare time, from home, simply by helping other people to PAY LESS for essential stuff.

This incredible company allows you to create a meaningful second income by building your own business, from home, with full training and support, so you can create a financial safety net around your family.


🥳 Who do you know who is looking for ways to earn more money?

🥳 Who do you know who wants to enjoy more time or money freedom?

🥳 Who do you know who’s looking to create an exit plan from their job or business?

🥳 Who do you know that wants to be able to do more fun stuff in life?

🥳 Who do you know who wants to put a financial safety net around their family?

If someone comes to mind, please share this website with them.

If that person is you, please message me and let’s have a chat.

I’d love to help!

You can find all the ways to get in touch with me on my contact page, here.

Karolyn 💜

Marketing Coaching

Don’t be alone with your marketing challenges!

I’m just like you – a micro-business owner.

And I know, from experience, how lonely it can be!

You have to wear every hat in your business – think of every idea – then plan, create and implement those ideas single-handedly…..

….all whilst trying to create and maintain your pipeline, make sales, serve clients and customers, and earn money!

It’s exhausting – and lonely!

Especially if you’re finding things challenging, you can feel very isolated.

As a Marketing Coach, I help other micro-business owners improve their own marketing skills…..

Why YOU might want a Marketing Coach for YOUR micro Business

Reason #1:

Improve skills

You know that you need to ‘market’ your business but this isn’t your core area of expertise, so you want to upskill

Reason #2:

Micro Budget

You are still working on developing cashflow so are not yet in a position to outsource marketing to someone else

Reason #3:

Increase knowledge

You are considering outsourcing but want to understand the principles of marketing better for yourself first

I am a micro-business owner.

I operate 3 of my own businesses by myself from home.

I am also a wife and mum, so I know how it feels to juggle all the things and wear all the hats!.

I previously spent over 20 years working in a corporate career, mostly in marketing and business development, so I have a wealth of experience to share.

I’ve seen the huge gap between the ‘big bucks’ that large organisations can ‘throw’ at marketing experts, and the ‘shoestring budget’ that new and micro business owners have to operate on as ‘marketing novices’

……and I want to help reduce that gap!

So, I help other micro-business owners improve their own marketing skills by providing 121 coaching.

There are so many reasons why marketing coaching could be right for you, here’s a few that I commonly hear from my clients;

> Because you haven’t got the budget to pay others to do it for you yet!

> Because the bit you like doing is the client-facing bit – you just want to get better at it!

> Because you don’t want to outsource something you don’t yet fully understand yourself!

> Because you’re used to having a ‘marketing department’ who did it for you in the corporate world and now you realise you need to do it yourself!

> Because marketing in the corporate world is very different to marketing for a self-employed business owner!

> Because you know that you can’t figure everything out on your own (none of us can) and recognise the value in having someone ‘in your corner’ helping you out and cheering you on!

Whatever your reason, that’s why I’m here for you. I understand all these challenges and more as I’ve been through them too…..

> I know how it feels to not have the cash flow to pay others i.e. outsource

> I enjoy doing the client-facing bit but know I can always learn more and improve

> I want to feel empowered with the knowledge about something before I pay someone else to do it for me (otherwise how do I know they’re any good)

> I’ve moved from the corporate world and had that realisation of “it’s all up to me now” and that things work differently on this side of the fence! (my corporate career was in marketing)

> I’ve accepted (learned the hard way!) that I couldn’t do everything myself – and that I could move things along quicker, more efficiently and in the right direction with some guidance and coaching!

My marketing coaching sessions are, simply put, designed by a micro business owner for a micro business owner!

My aim is to empower you to know how to do better marketing for yourself.

It’s that simple!

I’m not charging eye-watering prices for ‘all singing, all dancing, high-flying, everything and the kitchen sink’ marketing courses…….

I’ve created a simple, practical, clear coaching framework to help you understand where to start and master the fundamentals of your marketing message to get you heading in the right direction, within a budget that’s affordable.

Helping You Create;

✨ A plan

✨ Focus

✨ Priorities

✨ Accountability

Coaching is all about learning and developing you, so the success of it really is down to you implementing what we cover.

I’m not here to do it for you, I’m here to help you know how to do it better for yourself.

I believe that working 121 is ultimately the best option, it gives you dedicated time to focus on the specific areas of your marketing that you need and want to improve, with the accountability of a coach who provides structure and helps you focus on the right priorities.

In this 121 format, I can provide Marketing Coaching tailored to you and your business.


I appreciate that deciding to invest in 121 coaching is a big decision, so I’ve created a starting point that allows you to dip your toe in the water, and create some tracks to run on for your marketing, without having to commit to ongoing coaching…..

Your 2-session Starter Pack;

The first of these two sessions is a discovery session, and we use this time for me to get to know your business and find out where you are right now.

Afterwards I take away everything I’ve learned about your business and use it to create a Marketing Coaching Form tailored to you, with feedback from me on where to focus and the priority order to do that in.

In the second session, we will work through this coaching form so you understand all the contents and have clear tracks to run on in terms of your marketing focus and priorities.

At the end of these two sessions, you can take away the marketing coaching form and implement yourself, if you wish, OR continue working with me and implement with my support.

This 2-session starter pack is just £295. Each session is 75 minutes.

If you’d like to know more, or have any questions, let’s have a chat…..

You’re invited to book a call with me to find out more about how we can work together!

There’s no obligation, just the opportunity for us to see if we’re a good fit for each other.


✨ Being a mum can be lonely

✨ Being a business owner can be lonely

✨ Working from home can be lonely

✨ Trying to figure everything out by yourself is exhausting, and lonely

✨ The fears, the doubts, the insecurities are all REAL

Having spent over 20 years employed in the corporate world, I know that often we are incentivised to be in competition with each other.

It can be bitchy and back-stabby, as people strive for their own success.

But that kind of culture and environment separates us. It divides us.

Being a mum, and self-employed, those things do not serve me.

I want to do things that bring me together with other people, not divides us.

And, I’ve learned that surrounding yourself with supportive, positive, encouraging, optimistic, like-minded people has SO many benefits.

It serves me as a self-employed business owner, and as a mum, in SO many ways.

✨Through networking, I see magic happen regularly

✨I’ve met inspiring people and been inspired to learn and grow

✨I’ve learned things I wouldn’t otherwise have learned, that have helped me move my life and business forward

✨I’ve heard other people’s incredible stories, and I’ve laughed and cried with them

✨I’ve met clients, suppliers, customers and team members

✨I’ve made new friends

✨I’ve realised I’m not alone in my fears, doubts and insecurities

✨I’ve discovered ways to expand and evolve my business

✨I’ve collaborated and brought my skills to market in ways I wouldn’t have done alone

✨When we come together, collaborate, support each other and work together – magic happens ✨

Networking has become a fundamental and important part of my life.

It’s so important, that I am a member of a group that meets online every week.

I also regularly attend other networks, hosted by other people, online and in-person, as I believe it’s important to ‘cross-pollinate’ your networks.

I believe everyone can find benefit in networking, as you never know;

  • who you’re going to meet,
  • who they might know that could benefit you by introducing you to them,
  • and where a conversation might lead.

I invite you to join me at a networking event.

If you’ve never networked before, I promise that you’ll receive a warm and supportive welcome by a friendly group of people.

If you’re a regular networker, or have networked before and are thinking of coming back to it again, I promise you an enjoyable and valuable networking experience.

I believe in networking with the whole person, not just the ‘business person’.

I believe in supporting your whole wellbeing, and attend networking that provides that support.

I invite you to come along and experience it for yourself.

Karolyn 💜

Contact Me

I love to chat!

With me you can expect a big smile, a positive outlook and a warm conversation.

To have a chat about how we could work, network or collaborate together, I invite you to share a virtual cuppa with me.

You can do that by using this Calendly link to book a time and date that suits you;

Book a Virtual Cuppa

If you wish, you can find me on social media here:

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If you would like to email me, you can do that here; karolyn@karolyngamble.co.uk

If you would like to call me, here’s my number; 07971 242467

I look forward to chatting with you soon,

Karolyn 💜

About Me

Why I do what I do and why that’s important

Hi, I’m Karolyn 👋

not being able to work flexibly around your family commitments

not being able to spend enough time with your family

not earning enough money

earning enough money but feeling ‘trapped’ by it and the job you do for it

missing important events with your children

not having enough free time

feeling like it’s groundhog day – stuck in a job, working just to pay bills

feeling trapped in a job you really don’t like

feeling stagnant

feeling uninspired with life

fear and doubt about job security

fear about how you’ll keep your business afloat

Worrying that you haven’t got a Plan B

worrying about the ever increasing cost of living

worrying about paying all the bills

wondering how you’ll put the kids through university

Helping Mums break the cycle

As well as being a self-employed Business Partner,
I have my own business, running workshops for mums……

Welcome to my

‘Getting Unstuck’

workshops for Mums

Many mums find themselves trapped in the Eat Sleep Mum Repeat cycle.

They want something to change, but don’t know how to create the change.

AND crucially, most mums don’t talk about it, because of the guilt they feel about that!

I encourage mums to be more than just mum, by getting out, and staying out of that cycle.

My personal experience is of feeling trapped in this cycle and not knowing what to do,

Or who to talk to about it.

I felt disempowered and ‘stuck’!

Luckily, with some guidance, I managed to break out of that cycle.

And, I created a place where other mums can talk about it, without guilt or judgement.

Here mums have a place, and the space, to invest time in themselves…..

…..and to figure out what change they want and how they’re going to create it.

I created these workshops to bust through the myths and the guilt that trap mums in that cycle.

Why choose my workshops

I mentor women – mums – from a place of personal experience.

My workshops are created from the heart, and with love.

Designed to help other mums, who feel stuck in that 

‘Eat Sleep Mum Repeat’ cycle….

….to invest time in themselves and create the positive change they want.

Please click HERE to open the brochure and read more about these workshops, the format of them and what you can expect to get out of them.

I look forward to supporting you and the incredible mums you know.

Karolyn 💜

P.s. if you’re not yet ready to join the group workshop, I invite you to book a single ‘Time for You’ session with me.

In my ‘Time For You’ sessions, I give you that gift of time to breathe, and space to think!

Because “To take time to think is to create time to live”

Could you do with some time to declutter your mind.

Some time to breathe?

Some space to think?

Click here to book a session, take that first small step and allow yourself the time and space you deserve;